How to Purchase G-Market Order

Once you put your item into shopping cart in G-Market, now you just need to ‘order‘ those items.

1. Go to ‘Shopping Cart,’ then check your item and click “Place an Order” button.

2. In this page, fill shipping address in Korea, recipient name, phone number in ‘Delivery Info‘ section. Then, you may choose how to pay the order. I used to send money to ‘private account‘ at the same bank with my bank account. Last, click “Pay” to complete the order process. The system will give you the virtual account number and the due date. You can transfer the money to that account safely.

3. After you made the order, you can check the status in “Shopping List“:

a. “Require Payment” means you have to pay the money.

b. “Item Requested” means you paid the money and the item is being prepared.

c. “On Delivery” means your item on delivery, you can click “Track” to see the delivery detail.

d. “Item Received” means your item has been delivered.

4. Quick and easy tutorial. Have a nice shopping 🙂


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