Korean Humor 20


At early autumn season.
Talking with my labmate.

He: “Hi…”

Me: “Hi…”

He: “What are you looking at?”

Me: “Hmm… Picture.”

He: “Wow, she’s georgeous.”

Me: “Hmm… Sure.”

He: “Who is she? Your girlfriend?”

Me: “Hmm…I hope so.”

He: “Wow, how great is she?

Me: “She is a humble girl.”

He: “Hamburger sounds delicious.. yummy.”

Me: “@%#?^!₩]#*%?☆ – it’s humble-girl not hamburgirl.”


We played sepak takraw in Korean style with our professor.
We enjoyed the game till we forgot the score. I didn’t care the score but the professor. He asked someone while playing.

He: “Guys, did you remember how our score was?”

Me: “No.”

Other: “Hmmm…”

One: “Sippaaaaaaal!”

He: “Moragooooo (what did you say)?”

We: “★◎$₩※☆※&■▼◀▲ it was 10 – 8 as ‘sip‘ – ‘ppal‘-”

Note: there is a similar pronounciation of ‘sippal‘ or ‘ten-eight‘ that means a very rude word among Koreans.
Look at this: link


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