Korean Humor 19


Fall semester just begins.
We were all talking in ‘mejom’, some kind of minimarket.
Four of us at midnight.

Suddenly, a Korean guy came to us.

Korean: “Jogiyo 저기요… ”

We: “Yes.”

Korean: “Did you put anything in the microwave?”

CDH: “Yes I did.”

Korean: “I think it’s on fire!”

CDH: “Oh my God… it’s FIRE.”

We: “&*()@*#&$₩#*?@ hhh – never put aluminum foil inside microwave or it burns-.”










He told me when he came to South Korea for the first time was snow fall. He stuck there.
He wanted to sleep at airport. He was very sleepy and tired. He was t00-young-ordinary-boy.

She: “Good evening Sir.”

He: “Yes.”

She: “What do you want to order?”

He: “Hmm…”

He looked around the menu list.
He didn’t know what to order.

She: “Sir, your order?”

He: “Expresso please.”

We: “$₩☆♡&★@#%? -salah gaul jadi salah pesan, mau merem malah melek-”


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