Korean Humor 18

Sample #A39 – Drama Korea

Middle of summer. Talking with my Korean roommate.

He: “I just finished watching IRIS drama last night. It is so good.”
Me: “Oh really? Hehe.”
He: “Thank you for your recommendation.”
Me: “You’re welcome.”
He: “Do you have any other Korean drama suggestion?”
Me: “Hmm.. yes there are The Greatest Love and City Hunter, and also Protect My Boss.”
He: “Wait!!! I am Korean. Why am I asking you?”
Me: “*#@#%.?^$₩&☆ – ask yourself then.”

Sample #A40 – Medical Check-up

Gloomy morning. I came to the campus clinic to perform medical health check-up. I followed the sequence of tests: urin sample, blood test, weight and height check, and hearing test. Then, the next test was electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement. I talked with a young female nurse. She was Korean but could talk English.

She: “Good morning, Mister.”
Me: “Good morning.”
She: “Lay down to the bed please.”
Me: “Okay.”

I laid down the bed.

She: “Now, take off your pants!”
Me: “Whaaaaaaaat?”
She: “Ups, sorry. I mean pull up yout shirt.”
Me: “@%#,(+$&※☆ – my ECG data is not valid.”


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