Korean Humor 17


We went to near Seoul to a project meeting using KTX (Korea High Speed Train). We talked.

Professor: Have you ride KTX before?
Me: “Yes Sir.”
He: “Where did you go? Seoul?”
Me: “Yes Sir”
He: “Which part?”
Me: “Kintex. Exhibion. Motor related, Sir.”
He: “Motor show?”
Me: “Yes Sir.”
He: “Did you take any pictures?”
Me: “Yes Sir.”
He: “Car model or girl model?”
Me: “Hmm..”
He: “Both of them?”
Me: “@*#^(#*$₩& – YES Sir.”


Still in the same meeting. We talked about the confrence room. It was summer. Hot summer.

She: “Last year I attended the same meeting in this room, too.”
Me: “How was it?”
She: “Uh, it was like a hot pot. Soooo hooot.”
Me: “The aircon was on?”
She: “Yes, but I don’t know how they set it up.”
Me: “Aha, I know why.”
She: “Really?”
Me: “Was the meeting about Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, too?”
She: “Yup, so why?”
Me: “That fuel cell operates at 1000 degress Celcius, it makes you feel sooo hooot.”
She: “$+=&$]$=&><※₩☆ – make sense!”

Complete List of Korean Humor


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