Korean Humor 16


This is the story of my friend. I repeat this story is nothing to do with me. As the confirmation, I have been told by him via messenger so I have solid evidence this tragedy happened ON him, not me.

On hot bloody summer. In the bathroom. HE is my friend, other ONE is the guest.

He: “byur.. byur.. ”
He: “lala.. lala.. ♪♬”

One: (Speaking in Korean) “bla bla bla”

He suprised and turn around.

He: “What the… ??”

He opened the curtain and talked in English. They saw each other without any curtain, literally.

One: “Tooth paste. Can I? Please.”
He: “Wow wow.. hmm.. Sure. Here.”
One: “Thanks.”
He: “@#$%^&*()(*&^%$# – you and me: naked!”


At some random Saturday. Hot hot summer. We went to ice skating. Three of us were unskilled skater. We tried by walking slowly at the edge of the ice field. Suddenly, gubrak.

He: “D*mn, I fell down.”
Me: “Wow. You torn apart your pant. Wow.”
He: “Oh my God.”
Me: “Let us step aside. I’ll buy a pant. Just wait.”

Outside the ice field, I found the counter that provide shor pant. I said yes to whatever the seller said and put down my phone number. I paid and grabbed the pant. He used it till we finish several hours later. We came back to campus. And my phone rang.

He: (Speaking Korean) “Bla bla..”
Me: “I don’t understand. 영어 English?”
He: “Pant. The pant.”
Me: “Why?”
He: “Give back.”
Me: “What? It was rented? Not for sale?”
He: “Yes. The rented pant. Please give it back.”
Me: “#@?.4%#.?♡₩]※ – what a life.”

Written from KTX with Prof.

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