Korean Humor 15

SAMPLE #A33 – 100 KG

We plan to add a new material to our experiment named black carbon. So we called the distributor.

We: “Good afternoon. This is from X Lab university of Y.”
He: “Yes. May I help you?”
We: “I would like to buy the black carbon material, product number XYZ.”
He: “Sure. The product is available. How much do you need?”
We: “Not much. Hmm…what is the minimum quantity we can order?”
He: “100 kg.”
We: “★○●$◎⊙●₩☆&◁■▼$&+₩ – we only need 100 grams. ”


Talking with my friend.

A: “Hahaha…”
B: “Why are you laughing so loud?”
A: “I suddenly remember your stupid humor on your blog.”
B: “Oh… I see.”
A: “I heard you are so busy, aren’t you?”
B: “Sure I am.”
A: “So how can you have the time to write all those funny stories?”
B: “In the toilet, every morning. Seriously.”
A: “$₩&※#@%?# it’s not funny!.”

Complete List of Korean Humor


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