Korean Humor 11


It was in Jeju Island, we went to the conference there. We stayed in cozy villa and in the next morning we shall go to the conference. But, we were all seven men ‘fighting’ to get one single bathroom. Because we woke up late and we didn’t have much time. We were lab-mates.

Me: “Oh, poor me, as the newest member all I can do is just waiting till the last.”

One: “Hmm.. hahaha…”

I counted down who finished using the bathroom. But I can’t find two of them.

Me: “By the way, is that Mr. A in the bathroom now?”

One: “Yup, he’s inside.”

Me: “So, where is Mr. B, I can’t find him.”

One: “Yup, he’s inside too.”

Me: “!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&* – Is this the definition of shared-bathroom?”


Sabtu senja yang sendu, makan malam dengan teman-teman Indonesia. Menunya adalah nasi goreng dan butter chicken-fillet.

HD: “Enak ga masakannya?”

Saya: “Enak Mas…”

DP: “Mas, ayamnya enak. Kok ga ada ‘tulang‘-nya?”

M: “Ya iyalah ga da tulang-nya. Inikan di Korea bukan di Medan. Mana ada ‘tulang‘-nya.

DP: “★@*#%$&<※₩@%#? – sial.”

note: DP adalah mahasiswa asal Medan.

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