Korean Humor 10


Two weeks after final exam. Talking with Korean friend in hungry night. In my room.

Me: “Hi.. how’re you doing?”

B: “Hi… great. Welcome back.”

Me: “Hmm… you looked so happy.”

B: “Yeah.. I got Apples from my professor.”

Me: “Cool… can I try it? I am hungry.”

B: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Apples. I want to eat apples, please…”

B: “No. I mean ‘A’ score and ‘plus’ sign.”

Me: “@#$%^&*@#;(?$&₩] – oh.. it’s ‘A plus‘ not ‘apples‘… congratulation!”


My first night in South Korea. I just came to campus and was placed to my room in dormitory by officer. It was stated that my roommate is Korean. It was winter season with below zero temperature.

Me: “Finally, I got my room. But, why was my drawer full of clothes, and my desk full of book… and my bed too…?”

Me: “Aha.. maybe my roommate occupied all the space and facilities. It’s okay. I just need to sleep tonight. So tired after hours of flight.”

Around 2 a.m. Suddenly, someone got in my room. I suprised. I jumped from my dreamy sleep into reality.

He: “bla.. bla.. bla..” (speaking in Korea)

Me: “Hmm.. hmm..” (unconscious)

He: “bla.. bla.. bla.. ” (still in Korean)

Me: “Sorry. I don’t understand. Can’t you speak english?” (sleepy)

He: “Who are you? and what are you doing in my bed?’

Me: “Sorry, I think that bed is yours, so this is mine.” (sleepy)

He: “No, this is my bed, and that is my roommate bed.”

Me: “What? Is this 4311 room?”

He: “Yes it is.”

Me: “It should be half-empty room, shouldn’t it?

He: “No, it’s not. The officer must be wrong.”

Me: “!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@! – where else could I sleep? I might be a frozen-meat outside.”

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