Korean Humor 8


Dinner with labmates.

One: “Hi… we are going to order dinner now. Would you like to join us?”

Me: “Oh delivery service. Sure I’d love too.”

One: “What food do you want?”

Me: “What is the choice?”

One: “Hmm… can you eat dog?”

Me: “WHAT? … A dog?”

One: “Yes. Dog.”

Me: “What is kind of dog I can eat?”

One: “Dog… kwek.. kwek..

Me: “&\”(~@?#(~.(;,*@( – it’s duck, not dog.”


Dinner with labmates, several weeks after. Somehow it was noisy there.

One: “Excuse me. What is food do you like?”

Me: “Anything without pork.”

One: “How about dog?”

Me: “WHAT?”

One: “Yes… Dog.”

Me: “Dog? Again? Are you kidding?”

One: “You had it before.”

Me: “Really? What is it?

One: “Dog… Donald Dog…”

Me: “@*#%%^?!$&$☆₩● – again, it’s duck not dog.”

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