Korean Humor 5


Once upon a time, in the laboratory, mixing chemicals.

B: “What is your background?”

A: “Engineering physics.”

B: “What is your master field now?”

A: “Mechanical engineering.”

B: “Then what are you doing with these chemicals?”

A: “~@*%(?!~@*#( … -that’s my research-”


Sesaat setelah menonton film Source Code (link).

A: “Enak juga ya kalau ada dunia paralel.”

B: “Kenapa gitu?”

A: “Di dunia paralel gw, mungkin ga ada misi rahasia ke negara tetangga.”

B: “Salah, lu itu sekarang di dunia paralel.”

A: “Kenapa gitu?”

B: “Iyalah… karena di dunia nyata, lu itu jomblo.”

A: “(@##%(@~?!-,^-!? *kampring.”

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