Korean Humor 4


Bulan keempat. Musim semi-bunga-gugur-cinta.

G: “Eh, anak baru seangkatan kita sudah pernah kehilangan semua loh.”

S: “Maksud?”

G: “Si A sudah kehilangan alien card.”

S: “Terus…”

G: “Si H sudah kehilangan kartu ATM.”

S: “Terus elo kehilangan apa?”

G: “Hmm.. kehilangan waktu luang.”

S: “Terus gw kehilangan apa?”

G: “Kehilangan pacar!”

S: “!@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@! – ga sopan! ”


A week after. Stressful 😥 . First time to Seoul. Nowhere to go.

Ticketing: “Good morning, where do you want to go Sir?”

Me: “Seoul please.”

T: “Which part of Seoul?”

Me: “Anywhere PLEASE. -__-‘ ”

T: “!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!”

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3 thoughts on “Korean Humor 4

  1. humor indoensia:

    bule: Indonesia is a free country
    gw: senyum-senyum bangga
    bule: people are free to throw garbage anywhere, even near the police officer
    gw: ga jadi bangga
    bule: oh look at that, even police officer throw garbage anywhere
    gw: sial!

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