Korean Humor


Korean: “Hai, why are you taking master course here, in Korea?”

Indonesian: “Oh, yeah, because the quality of study and research experience are very good here.”

Korean: “I see. So, what are you gonna do after this?”

Indonesian: “I am still thinking about that. Maybe catch Ph.D, or get a job here.”

Korean: “So you are not taking master to become a researcher in your country later, aren’t you? Why?”

Indonesian: “Yeah, because salary of researcher in my country is too 조금… very 조금… hmm… maybe ‘nano-saize’.”

Korean: “@#$^&&*()(*&^%$# Hahaha…”

Note: The way Korean people pronounciate ‘size’ is not ‘saiz’ but ‘saize’. And the meaning of 조금 is little amount.


Indonesian: “Hai K, do you know Kim Tae Hae?”

Korean: “Sure we know.”

Indonesian: “What about Song Hye Gyo?”

Korean: “Sure we do.”

Indonesian: “Do you know SNSD?”

Korean: “Yup, everybody know it.”

Indonesian: “How do I get their signature and photograph? All my friends asked me.”

Korean: “Ups, you must compete with us. All Korean people and I also want them.”

Indonesia: “@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#   @_@ ”

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8 thoughts on “Korean Humor

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  2. iya…saize…apa pronounce mereka untuk kata yang berakhir s,z,x gitu ditambahi e semua? saya pernah dgr bbrp korean ngomong “box” malah ditambahi jd “boxe” wkwkwkwkwk…

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