Cheap Price Room at Kuta, Bali

Some people said that Kuta Beach is really good place to visit, but some other people said that you can enjoy Kuta Beach if you stay more than two days. However, if you could stay longer, you’d enjoy the beach far better.

I came to Kuta beach lonely, just by myself, because I had to attend an international conference there. I didn’t have any idea where I can stay for few days with limited budget. I asked my friend and he told me to look for any cheap room at Poppies Lane 1 or 2, Kuta. Just before sunset, I arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport after 2 hours of flight from Jakarta. I looked for ‘ojek’ (Motorcycle Taxi) and payed 30.000 rupiah to bring me to Poppies Lane 2 that 5km away.

I crawled into crowded street which is full with foreign tourists, and stepped one by one to ask the price in several hostels. After looking for 4 or 5 hostel, I found a cheap room with 80.000 rupiah per night at Balimanik Inn, because the other hostels offered various prices, start from 60.000 (but always full) to 200.000 per night. The room is big with double beds, a mirror, drawer; and also bathroom. A big fan also hung above the room. It’s clean so that really convenient for anyone who doesn’t have more budget. The terrace is also equipped with a pair of chair and a desk. Furthermore, a simple and cozy garden spreads in front of the room. Free breakfast is the last thing I most liked: banana omelet plus a cup of coffee. These are more than my expectation.

The place is located between Legian street and Kuta Beach Street, it takes 5 minutes by walking to reach the beach, and 2 minutes to Legian Ground Zero.

This link will bring you there.

Have a nice day in Kuta, Bali!


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