Caringin Tilu

Caringin Tilu

The Whole Bandung from Sky

“OH MY GOD!” that was my first expression when my eyes saw the whole city of Bandung from the sky.  The sky was so dark, but the land was flickering beautifully like stars on the earth. Fortunately, if the weather is good, no clouds or full moon, the stars will shine clearly. So you could catch one single star till thousand stars easily. With the angle view about 150 degrees, a cup of coffee plus a bowl of boiled-noodles were great combination.

Here was Caringin Tilu (Cartil), Cimenyan, 6km Northern Bandung. After a half hour driving motor cycle or car on climbing road, finally you got the high and the  sky. If you want to go here, you can access the road from Padasuka street, then going up to the North; till you feel that you get lost. No more homes, no more street lamps; just you, sky, and stars.

Click here to see location via Wikimapia.


4 thoughts on “Caringin Tilu

  1. ah jauh2 ke cartil, di bojong koneng deket rumah gua ada yang lebih oke, lebih rendah tapi justru lampu2 kotanya lebih jelas, pandangan lu > 180 derajat

    • cartil kan lebih tinggi, jadi lebih puas… lebih dingin… lebih jelas bintang dan bulannya.. hehehe… tapi boleh lah itu tempat yang di bojong koneng, buat kumpul2 FN aja Cap…

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